About Us

Comfort First
We believe communication plays an important role in helping patients stay positive and meet challenges. At RaDS, Inc., experienced doctors and highly skilled technicians are accessible to answer questions. Procedures are thoroughly explained and patients are supported by our caring staff before, during, and after testing.

Making Lives Better
RaDS, Inc. is dedicated to helping make patient's lives better by providing the highest level of diagnostic care and service possible.

Focusing on Health
Developing a clear picture of your health is the first step in determining proper medical treatment. When your doctor recommends radiological testing turn to RaDS, Inc.

When You Need Us
RaDS, Inc offers the technical expertise and the individual attention that you and your loved ones deserve. Serving the community with advanced diagnostic imaging services for over 25 years, RaDS, Inc has earned the trust and respect of doctors and patients alike. Our reputation is built on prompt, accurate diagnosis, uncompromising standards, and superior service.